Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was born a heretic investigator of Revolution with survival instinct as his inner authority, here to guide awareness. Something which he surely did. He guided our awareness by shifting our abstract belief in creation by God into the logical understanding of the evolution of life and the mechanism of natural selection.

With the life force of a rational thinker (24-61) he could be an inspiration to make you see life’s mysteries in a totally new light. At the same time he had the life force of logic (4-63) running up and down his head which is the scientific skeptical mind that is pressured to come up with logical answers to their doubt.

As a child he was already driven to explore the wonders of creation, he had great interest in nature which is not surprising if you look at his design. His driving emotional force (P moon 61.1) drove him to investigate the mystery of life. At very young age he was fascinated by the smallest of earth’s creatures and during his teenage years he developed a passion for hunting and shooting which he was very good at (life force 44-26). With his personality sun in gate 49 he had a sensitivity to interact with animals. This is the gate of the breeder or the butcher. The naturalist, biologist, the scientist was already there.

As a projector he needed to be seen by someone, recognized for what he was in order to be invited. It seemed at first that Charles wasn't going to be recognized. He didn't fit in, his father belittled him and regretted that Charles wasn't as energetic as his brothers and sisters. His father was a physician and sent Charles just like his older brother to medical school to follow his footsteps. Charles had no interest in medical school and dropped out after 18 months. Meanwhile he had become friendly with naturalists and entomologists. Charles’ interests were similar to his grandfather’s, Erasmus Darwin, a botanist and writer of Zoönomia. His father obviously unable to see that (or rejected his fathers'way) sent Charles to the University of Cambridge to at least become a clergyman. Charles had absolutely no passion for theology but reasoned that it would give him enough free time (defined ego needs enough free time).

At Cambridge he attended John Henslow’s botany classes, who became Charles’ mentor and close friend. It was Henslow who could see Charles for who he was. After graduation Henslow persuaded Charles to study geology and made arrangements for Charles to join a geological trip to North Wales.

Then the Projector Magic happened.......
While Charles was in North Wales Henslow got a letter in which he was offered to join the Beagle Voyage. Instead of accepting himself he recommended his protégé Charles Darwin as the ideal man for the job.

For Charles this was THE INVITATION of a life time! He was invited by the highly respected Captain FitzRoy to join the HMS Beagle Voyage as the ship’s scientist to observe, collect and categorize plant and animal specimens of South America. Now officially appointed as an investigator of the mystery of life. This all leading for his incarnation cross of Revolution to unfold over time. The heretic investigator with revolutionary ideas on the Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. Look at his view, his Personality Nodes and the title of this revolutionary book. The keynoting is all there. South node 27 > Preservation of favoured Races, North Node 28 > Struggle for Life.
Combined with his inner authority > survival, instinct, intuition. Expressing his outer authority > 49 Revolutionary Ideas guiding awareness. He embodied the creative role model (1-8) who contributed to society in his own unique way and became an inspiration to modern science.

His friendship with Henslow was the recognition that would change his life. This is what the mechanics of human design teach us: the success for a projector depends on being recognized by the right person. They don’t need to be seen by everyone though the not-self can suffer a great deal from that. Just one true recognition will do and it will lead to the proper invitation. This invitation will be like an initiation.