The Design of George Carlin

This here is the design of George Carlin. Remember George Carlin? The independent pioneer/messenger of Explanation*
Born May 12, 1937 at 11.45 AM in Manhattan, NY. He died in 2008.

During Corona 2020 he's very popular again on YouTube. Ever saw his act on germs and the immune system? Go and see if you can. It's hilarious.

What does George Carlin’s map through life show us?
First of all he’s a manifestor type or an innovator -when we speak in work related terms- which means that he’s about initiating, opening up doors, informing and then acting.
He’s here to have an impact by expressing his unique insights clearly through the channel of structuring.
His conscious communication was of the missionary whose very light would bring darkness with the attempt of undermining one set of values for another through the expression of his independent individual insights.
The assimilation of individual insights and the independent expression of his individuality were also his core essence grounded and balanced by a certainty in knowing which can endure and withstand condemnation as a martyr or pioneer. A genius or freak.

He used to have an altruistic view on life looking for communal progress which later in life changed to a more logical view of seeing the patterns in life and being. Abstract and logic, change and fixed rhythms, two oppositions of consciousness.

Look at his inner authority of will power. This was a warrior needed to be respected. His inner authority of the heart was his decision making strategy of informing when willfully determined.

George Carlin had a mind of his own that was not here to be influenced by others and yet, he had a weak spot for friendship and family. His unconscious driving force was his love for family and friends.

*BG5 keynotes used here